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The Perk of Freshness: How Long Does Freshly Roasted Coffee Stay Flavorful?

Posted by Simon Bower on


In a world dominated by instant gratification, there's an undeniable allure in savouring a cup of freshly roasted coffee. The aroma, the complex flavours, and the delightful buzz it brings—there's truly nothing like it. But how long can you relish that tantalizing taste? Join us as we unravel the secrets behind the longevity of freshness in freshly roasted coffee.

The Roast Date: The Starting Point of Flavour:

The most important factor to freshness is the roast date.  All of our coffees are roasted within 24 hours of dispatching them to you and we put the roast date clearly on the label. Freshly roasted coffee is like a ticking time bomb of flavour potential. Generally, coffee beans need a brief resting period, known as degassing, after the roasting process. During this time, carbon dioxide escapes, making way for the full-bodied flavours to emerge. The optimal time to begin brewing is typically within 3 to 14 days from the roast date.

Peak Flavour: The Golden Window:

While personal preferences vary, coffee experts agree that the peak flavour of freshly roasted coffee is typically experienced within the first two weeks after the roast date. During this period, the coffee exhibits complexity and balanced acidity that can elevate your morning ritual to new heights. This is when the efforts of our skilled roasters truly shine.

The Slow Decline: A Matter of Weeks:

As the days go by, the unique flavours gradually start to fade. Beyond the two-week mark, the coffee doesn't necessarily become undrinkable, but it may lose some of its distinct characteristics. The gradual decline in flavour quality can be attributed to exposure to oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. Proper storage becomes crucial during this phase to prolong the freshness.

Preserve the Flavour: The Storage Commandments:

To extend the lifespan of freshly roasted coffee, there are a few cardinal rules to follow:

  1. Airtight Storage: Oxygen is the arch-nemesis of freshness. Invest in quality airtight containers that keep air out and seal in the flavours.
  2. Cool and Dark: Heat and light accelerate the degradation process. Store your coffee in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or any heat sources like stovetops.
  3. Freezing and Refrigeration: As coffee goes stale by oxidisation, reducing the temperature will slow this process down and keep the coffee fresher for longer. However, and it a is a big HOWEVER, the coffee must be in a water and airtight package as any moisture be it from the fridge or condensation from the air around the coffee will cause it to stale very quickly. For this reason, we urge caution.
  4. Whole Beans and On-Demand Grinding: Whole beans retain their flavours better than pre-ground coffee. Grind the beans just before brewing for the freshest experience.

Little and often: Buy Smaller Quantities:

While bulk buying may seem cost-effective, purchasing smaller quantities of coffee at a time ensures that you always have fresh beans in your pantry. It allows you to cycle through your stock more frequently, minimizing the chances of ending up with stale coffee.


Freshly roasted coffee is a fleeting treasure that deserves to be savoured. While the peak flavour of coffee is experienced within the first two weeks after roasting, proper storage can help extend its lifespan. Remember the storage commandments, buy smaller quantities, and relish every sip while it's at its freshest. Let the enticing aroma and complex flavours of freshly roasted coffee enhance your daily ritual and awaken your senses.