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We are pleased to introduce our range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods.  Packed with nothing but our freshly roasted coffee they give exceptional results in the cup.  These capsules fit the standard Nespresso machines but NOT the larger Vertuo machines.  Please check they will work with your machine before ordering.

Each bag contains 10 Capsules and you have the choice of the following coffees:

Italian  Strong and dark roast of Central and South American coffee. Sweet finish in milk.

Congo a beautifully balanced African coffee which works well with or without milk

Ligero Medium Strength all rounder with some delicious flavours.  RFA certified

Colombian Milder coffee with bags of body with a fruity acidity.

Brazil Swiss Water Decaffeinated naturally processed with just the caffeine taken out.


After considering the pros and cons of different capsule material we have decided that our capsules will be  made of aluminium as, once used,  they are recyclable by every local authority in the UK.  As much as we like the idea of compostable capsule it seems that most councils wont compost them but put them into landfill.