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Around the World in 8 Coffees

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Let us take you around the world with this selection of 8 excellent coffees.  From Africa to Asia, Central to South America these coffees will give you a flavour of what each region has to offer.

  • Ethiopian Djimma is unique in flavour and comes from a dry processed bean
  • Burundi is our favourite African Coffee which is medium strength, has great acidity and a full body and finish.
  • Papua New Guinea.  From the wild eastern highlands of New Guinea this is grown by smallholders and individual farmers who produce a unique medium strength coffee
  • Monsoon Malabar. Indian coffee at its best!  

South America

  • Brazil - there's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil and it is the benchmark of arabica quality
  • Colombian. One of the most consistent coffees with good body and finish

Central America

  • Guatemala:  From the Lake Atitlan region this coffee is delicious with a well balanced acidity
  • Costa Rica. Wonderful aroma, distinct acidity and wonderful finish - we love Costa Rican coffee 

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    Customer Reviews

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    kevin brailsford
    A good idea chance to try some new flavours

    Good quality and range well chosen and delivered quickly

    Andrea Bowling

    I just ordered this for my mum who was talking about pollards coffee and how lovely it was
    So I have ordered her some she can’t wait


    Just the best selection of coffees

    Alex Vasile
    Great coffee

    Great coffee!!!!!