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Blue Mountain Type Blend


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Roast; Light

Our Pollards blend to replicate some of the taste of the fantastic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Known for its delicious taste, this coffee blend is a very popular blend of ours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Paul L
Great blend

A quite mild nutty taste that I found pleasant. Smooth and light in flavour. I used one shot into an Americano first, two shots make it stronger and a bit less smooth. I will try a cafetiere next.

Alan Wilkins
Mellow and relaxing...

When the mood takes me, there is nothing quite like a pot of Blue Mountain. I often sit in my back garden with my eyes closed, listening to the birdsong and letting the smooth, mellow taste (with just the faintest hint of toffee) wash over me....


Great coffee beans. Good value for money

Chris Frisby
Blue Mountain

This is my go to default coffee, smoothe and subtle flavour. The one I always asked for when I was in the USA.
I keep trying others, looking for something a little stronger, but I always have a packet of this on standby in the cupboard.
Also I would like to say your service is excellent. Following a slight mix up with the post man, now sorted, your communication and customer service would be a good example for others to follow!

michael graham
Blue Mountain

Very smooth with lots of flavour and easy to drink coffee,especially as I drink my coffee black.