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Darjeeling Tea


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A delicious, light and complex tea with the muscatel tones Darjeeling tea is known for.

It is a refreshing tea, perfect for afternoon drinking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great coffee

a favourite for years

I never let this run out. A fresh, flowery aroma, but with enough body to keep things interesting. Best without milk. I'm glad you stopped calling it large leaf, that could cause confusion. But it's the same as it was for years, so no decline of quality from my point of view.

Stephen Walker
No large leaves here

I've normally bought this Darjeeling in the shop, but following a recent move to Manchester have taken to having it delivered.
The tea i received in the post was dust, really disappointing, and nowhere near the usual fantastic quality of Pollards teas and coffees.

Robert Murray
Great tea and great service from the Pollards Team

Always a pleasure to deal with Pollard. Prompt response and our consignment of tea always well packaged, and makes good quality beverage.