Ethiopian Mocha Djimma


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Origin - Ethiopia

Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah is a delicious African bean with chocolate notes.

This Djimmah is fairly typical of a traditionally dry-processed Ethiopian coffee. It is earthy and rustic with a full body and bags of ripe fruit and cocoa. However, there are also some lovely fresh pine and lemon meringue pie aromatics that really bring the brew to life. Ethiopia is often described as the birthplace of coffee.

It is believed that, in the forests of the Kaffa region, Coffea Arabica first grew wild and these plants were traded and transported around the world by 16th and 17th century missionaries. The Port of Mocha in neighbouring Yemen lent its name to coffee from this region, as it became a major trading post for coffee going into Europe and Asia. It is also from here that mocha (a chocolate and coffee drink) was named, possibly due to the chocolaty notes present in many Ethiopian coffees.