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French Roast


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Roast; Medium/High

A delicious slightly higher roast coffee to bring our some of the sharper flavours of this Central American blend.  Works well made by any method and give a milder espresso if made in a stovetop of espresso machine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dr Geoffrey Caron-Lormier
Tasty coffee, but somewhat light

Definite improvement on Puccini, this French Roast is surprisingly light for a French roast [they tend to be darker].

Still, it is enjoyable in any concentration, although I prefer mine on the stronger end in a espresso machine or very short cafetiere.

might buy this one again.

Stephen Williamson
Great tasting coffee

I’ve bought a few different coffees from Pollards. Difficult to choose a favourite as they are all excellent.

Jonathan Stott
A good morning coffee

I like this as the first coffee in the morning before I go for the Italian Roast

Neal Beard
tres bien

Makes a great double defibrillator in the morning

Dr Jonathan Punt
As if in France

This blend recreates the flavours of real French Cafe coffee. Just needs a glass of calvados and a whiff of unfiltered Gitanes to make the illusion total.