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Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

When I eventually got my coffee machine to grind the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans it was a great tasting coffee, but I did have trouble with them not having enough of the oil in them to stay together, it was like they were dryer than Gandi's flip flops and I found that I had to grind on almost the finest setting and had to put in a few beans at a time due to being as hard as a rock, which stopped the grinder from grinding, but after contacting customer services I had a call back from one of their fully trained barristas and he talked me through the process of how he managed to get a good grind, literally he was a god send and gave me a suggestion to try an alternative coffee which matches my preferences, which turns out to be the Monsoon Malabar beans which were perfect 👌 10/10 service all around, despite my hiccup the customer service experience more than made up for that and I literally will recommend this company to all my friends and family, even to all my work colleagues.

The Lucifer
Very Special Bean

You have to try this coffee if you wanna say that you’ve tasted something very unique coffee…

Brian P
Blue Mountain

Great service fast delivery & definitely freshly roasted.
Recommended if you enjoy a proper coffee