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Kenya AA


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A quintessential East African coffee with loads of body and complex acidity.  This coffee can vary from season to season but we do our best to keep the profile consistent

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
just what I wanted - perfect coffee

I love trying different coffees - this just hits the spot so nicely.

Joseph Burt
Delicious beans!

Highly recommend for both espresso and filter

Steve Traynar
Excellent coffee

I first knew Pollards when I was at university in Sheffield way back in the 1970s when I shared a flat with some other students and one had a percolator and we bought coffee from you. Sadly, I haven’t had much opportunity to return to Sheffield since then but rediscovered you via a Sheffield group on Facebook and found out about your web site. I ordered some Kenya and Costa Rice which was the blend we really liked in the past and, I am happy to report, it has completed lived up to my memories and expectations. I will certainly be ordering more and will be trying others as well.

Paul Le Tissier
As always, excellent

Regularly buy and never disappointed.

Very enjoyable

This seemed a bit watery when I brewed it, but actually Kenya AA has a very pleasant mellow flavour. The beans are a light roast, so don't expect a strong coffee. I used 3 spoonfuls (small coffee ladles) in my first brew; I might try 4 next time, as I like my coffee to be a bit richer.