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Monsoon Malabar


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The Monsoon Malabar bean is an Indian coffee that is famous for its unique and infamous style of treatment.

The deep flavours of the Monsoon Malabar are created by exposure to the warm and humid monsoon storms of India.

This process was designed to replicate the original treatment of the beans on their long voyage back to Britain in wooden sailing vessels. The original journeys accidentally imparted a wonderful deep spiciness to the coffee, which Indian growers were only too happy to replicate in the future.

This coffee contains the essence of India; caramel, spice, wood and leather contained in a strong aromatic drink that cuts through milk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

This coffee is perfect for my coffee machine.

Paul L
Rich and full bodied

These beans gave a rich and full bodied coffee with notes of chocolate. It's also quite smooth drinking. Of the three types of beans I purchased, these are the ones I will buy again in a larger pack.


Bad service at all 😡


Thank you for taking time to give us feedback. I’m sorry Monsoon Malabar is out of stock which is due to shipping delays. The are due to container ships taking a longer route to the uk so as to avoid the Suez Canal. This is not unique to us but a world wide problem.

If you would like to give me a call on 0114 261 7517 I am happy to discuss it with you and make sure you are notified when it is back in stock.

Kind regards

Simon Bower
Managing Director
Pollards Wholesale Ltd.

That said we are hoping that it will be back in stock later this month.


After having a bad experience with the Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, this was a perfect match to my taste and was also the suggestion the customer service guy suggested I carry on buying he also suggested other beans, but these were perfect for my coffee machine, as I said in my previous review of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the customer service was on point and then some, 10/10 I will carry on ordering from this company and continue to recommend them to everyone who lives coffee and tea.

Sarah Walker
The best coffee!

Everyone that comes to our house always raves about how nice the coffee is and that it’s the best they have ever drunk. We always tell them it’s because of the beans we use, absolutely the best and wouldn’t go anywhere else and the Monsoon Malabar beans are our favourite.