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Monsoon Malabar


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The Monsoon Malabar bean is an Indian coffee that is famous for its unique and infamous style of treatment.

The deep flavours of the Monsoon Malabar are created by exposure to the warm and humid monsoon storms of India.

This process was designed to replicate the original treatment of the beans on their long voyage back to Britain in wooden sailing vessels. The original journeys accidentally imparted a wonderful deep spiciness to the coffee, which Indian growers were only too happy to replicate in the future.

This coffee contains the essence of India; caramel, spice, wood and leather contained in a strong aromatic drink that cuts through milk.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Davies


Neal Beard
Happy to support a local supplier

My go to coffee.
Excellent quality.
Quick delivery


Delicious coffee sourced by a local family coffee seller not a supermarket! Great subscription service and they offer green delivery too.... Monsoon malabar was recommended as I like espresso but it makes my heart race... This coffee is rich and fat in the mouth, its smooth and deep and we love it.

Papas Hamaidia
Monsoon Malabar

Dark, smooth and well-rounded

Jonathan Davies
Great, strong coffee

Highly recommended

Thank you for this lovely review. We really appreciate the time you took to do this.