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Moon Blend


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Moon coffee is full and strong and ideal for Espresso.  This is one of our few blends that contains robusta.  This gives the extra kick and when blended with central american and asian coffees the raw taste as the robusta beans merges into a great tasting espresso coffee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Paul Mercer
Very nice coffee

I bought this coffee to drink in the mornings. Its a nice strong flavour but mellow at the same time.

Good quality coffee

Good quality coffee but this one didnt hit the mark for me - I like it a bit stronger! An excellent bean all the same if you dont like super strong coffee!

Anthony Edward Livesey
Moon blend

Have used almost every type of beans
Pollards offer and this is definitely one of our firm favourites. Would recommend to anyone

Hooray for Robusta

It's like a coffee from another time. In a good way. Amongst the fashionable lemony, flowery pure Arabica blends, this one stubbornly defends the heritage of Italy. No acidity to be tasted anywhere, mild, yet strong, with a nutty flavour. And a great crema, which does matter to me. So make yourself a cup, get on your Vespa, zip into the sunset and pretend you're in Roma.
P.S. As I found out by accident, works well in a french press, too.

Dr Jonathan Punt

Lovely smooth and comforting.