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Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee


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There are three ways to decaffeinate coffee and this is widely accepted to be the best. 

Our decaffienator is based in Mexico and uses the crystal clear spring water from Pico de Orizaba—the highest mountain in Mexico.  After fist steaming the green coffee beans to soften it is then washed in flavoid saturated water which disolves most the caffeine but very little of the other flavour chemicals.  The water is then scrubbed by an activated charcoal filter and reused for the next batch.  The result is truely authentic tasting decaffienated coffee.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tasty, eco and local

Great tasting decaff coffee, I get it on subscription which is very convenient and is always on time. Really like that they offer it in 100% recyclable packaging and happy to support a local business.

Delicious brew

Ordered this several times now and it never disappoints. Lovely tasty brew, light and flavourful. We'll be ordering this for a long time to come, the service is always top notch as well.

Gillian Dyson
Great decaf

I have been buying the decaf beans for a while now and they are excellent. The pack keeps its aroma once open, and brews a coffee that I think is indistinguishable as decaf. Coffee has a good look and gloss to it. I use a cafetière. I can sometimes even get a couple of ‘soakings’ from one jug. I accidentally ordered grounds last time but they are just as good. (I just miss the buzz of grinding my own!). I have keep the caffeine to a minimum now with menopause. So my only gripe is that there are not more flavours/ beans available as decaf. I especially appreciate that you don’t stick to ‘arabica’ like many shops do. I definitely recommend you to lots of people when I can, as it was a friend who recommended you to me. Passing it forward!

Prof Robert Garnett Green
Mountain water decaf😊

It is slightly stronger tasting than my usual Blue Mountain style which I drink regularly. Have been instructed to reduce caffeine intake I now use this daily. It tastes OK and looks OK and I will continue drinking it from now on. No problems

Pauline Eastwood

Tasted this coffee in Ferndale nursery Sheffield and it was the best decaff filter coffee I have ever tasted. Asked the staff what brand it was and the rest is history!!!