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Old Brown Java


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Here is a trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers our Old Government Java and a treat for those who haven't tried it before.

From the Indonesian Capital Island of Java, this coffee has been aged for 7 years allowing the coffees flavours to develop,.  Very low acidity, full body and a complex aroma this coffee is delicious on its own or blended with others.  

We think this works perfectly in French press, filter or plunger and can be used to give a bit of oomph to an expresso blend if you are feeling creative.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Old brown java

Got this on subscription!
If you care about creating the perfect coffee get these beans and grind them fine

Neal Beard
tres bien

long term customer

Adam Morris
Old Brown Java rocks my boat

I used to buy Old Government Java from Rachel when she had her shop at the back of Coles Brothers many moons go. I lost touch when the shop moved, I did not realise she had relocated, I thought she had retired.

I was delighted to recently re-discover the best tea and coffee emporium in the land. I had been buying my beans on line. I had a good supply too until recently, when the mail left me out of coffee and I suddenly realised the absurdity of trying to find a local source of beans to tide me over until Postman Pat decided to deliver my mail order order of beans.

Imagine my delight on discovering that Pollard's Tea and Coffee was still going strong, it had merely re-located to the Eccy Road. When I got to the shop the first bean I bought was Old Brown Java, it could not have been any other. I get a lovely coffee on mail order from Papua New Guinea, that is really excellent and I hope that one day Pollard's will start to stock that one as well.

However Old Brown Java now rules the roost in my world.
It is the numero uno when all things are considered. It delivers everything I want in coffee. It is dark and luscious, deep and rich with a satisfying chocolatey after taste.
I now have it on subscription so I will always have some in my cupboard.
I cannot recommend it enough.
5 stars are not enough.

Julia Woodhall


Absolutely Delicious!

This has to be one of the best coffees I have ever drunk. I have always wanted to try Java after reading about it in pulp fiction thrillers, but have never seen it in any of the shops. When I saw it amongst the coffee beans you stock, I couldn't resist it. I am glad that I bought the beans, rather than ready-ground coffee, as that means it retains its freshness. I thought my favourite was Columbian until now, but it looks like Java, with its rich yet mellow flavour, has replaced it. I will definitely buy it again.