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Oolong Iron Buddha


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Soft, fruity and lightly roasted under the eye of a skilled roaster.

Easy drinking with earthy flavours and hints of peach and apricot.

It has the strength of a black tea but is actually a green tea.

It has anti-ageing and detoxifying qualities.

Caffeine Content: 50-75 mg

Floral and light with toasted overtones.

Low in caffeine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Fiddes
Digestive tonic with a rich flavour

This is a lovely tea with a rich flavour that pleases the palate and acts to promote digestive health. It’s a true tonic for mild digestive discomfort. The tea leaves take a few minutes to brew and expand markedly when hot water is poured over them. It’s well worth it and makes for an exotic cuppa. My grandma drank this tea also so it’s always been a favourite.

Leon Guo

Tastes really good. Agree it's fruity; plums, apricots. Seems to work best with hotter water than for green, close to boiling. Can get multiple steeps. Very nice tea at a good price.