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Pai Mu Tan Tea


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Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) is produced in the Fujian Province of Eastern China.

During the manufacture of Ying Zhen tea, freshly plucked tea buds are laid on to large blankets in the sun to wither and dry naturally.

The mixture of bud and large leaf is known as Pai Mu Tan.

The liquor of Pai Mu Tan is light and delicate with a slightly strong nutty character.

Delicate and flowery in taste, medium bodied, velvety and peach in taste.

This tea is an excellent accompaniment to shell fish and can be drunk either hot or cold.

The tiny buds are picked early spring in the early morning, they are then withered and dried naturally. Once dried, they resemble small blossoms.

A true tea as it under goes very little processing.

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Customer Reviews

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John Townshend
Pollards Pai Mu Tan Tea

I set my kettle to 70°C* or 75°C and used freshly drawn water. I brew for 2 minutes in a double walled steel 600ml tea pot before pouring through an ultra fine strainer into 2 double walled glass mugs or one pint sized mug. Don’t use boiling water or brew for any longer than about 2 and a half minutes or astringent tastes will form. You can however reuse the tea leaves tea ceremony style in the pot for multiple brews at ~70°C especially if using a zisha clay teapot and tea bowls. When prepared correctly this tea hits notes of peony flowers and has a natural sweetness that is extremely satisfying. Extra sweetening and/or milk is not necessary or recommended. *All green and/or white teas should be brewed at around 70°C with the exception of Morrocan style prepared (green tea and spearmint) tea (Pollards does an excellent version) that is meant to be brewed for a long time inside a kettle with lots of sugar.