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Green Papua New Guinea Y Grade


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From the eastern highlands of this small remote country this PNG y grade is highly underrated in our opinion.  Grown by small farmer and wet processed it offer great taste and consistency and is a great coffee to roast at home

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Customer Reviews

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Brendan Walker
I'm new to this roasting game...

I've loved Monsoon Malabar and Puccini from Pollards for several years. I started to get it posted down to London when I moved. It never disappoints - which is great because grinding the perfect consistency for our Atomic can be a challenge in itself! My accountant is from the Malabar coast in India, and showed me pictures of the plantations right on her doorstep. It made me want to know more about coffee making process. So the next step in my adventure is to roast my own. I knew Pollards would supply good quality stock - so I got a bag of green beans, did a little research online, and went ahead and roasted them on a tray in the oven. There's very little mystery to the process, and you get great results immediately - which is really rewarding - although I suspect I'll be refining my approach over the coming years. It tastes great, and you can push the roasting in different ways, to achieve different end taste results. I'm looking forward to experimenting. I hope Pollards start to offer more varieties to experiment with.