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Puccini is a deep and powerful blend, containing beans from Asia and Africa, combined with our favourite Monsoon Malabar bean.

This blend has bags of crema and leaves you with an almost never-ending finish of chocolate, toffee and smoky spice.

In milk it can make a fantastic latte or cappuccino, but with a distinct smoky edge.

The Puccini blend is a great all rounder with something for everyone - designed as an espresso coffee this blend also works well as a filter coffee, cafetière coffee or in the aeropress.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and we are very flattered that this product is so goo that our competitors have attempted to copy it.  Thank you.  Unfortunately, without knowing the exact blend, a closely guarded secret, the imitations will fall short!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Insipid & disappointing

Despite the five-star reviews on this website, i found this blend very disappointing. It lacks depth and interesting flavours.

I tried it at various concentrations but no luck. Maybe that particular batch was off... won't be buying again because at this price, might as well stick to Waitrose blends...

David Webb
Super coffee

Lovely tasting strong coffee. Delivered every month so I never run out 😁☕️.
Highly recommended

Grace Painter

My favourite brand. Aromatic and full of flavour. Absolutely the best. Highly recommended.

Monica B
Puccini - first order

I am not an expert and I will not talk about aromas or taste notes. I will just say that Puccini is really good. And I am Italian, as far as coffee is concerned I have definite tastes and I am not satisfied with mediocre coffee. Absolutely recommended!

Stuart Logan-Nelson

Beautiful smooth roast full of flavour