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Rio Blend


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Specifically blended by Rachel our retail coffee guru, this medium full bodied coffee is a firm favourite for retail customers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adrian Farmer
Great Coffee from a great company

Rio is my favourite from a host of great coffees offered by Pollards. Rich and smooth as a double expresso, equally as good in a latta, the flavour really comes through.

Pollards also recently replaced my order free of charge when I made a mistake and ordered ground instead of beans. Thank you!

Janette Hutchinson
Another review!

Just wanted to add that I have had soooo many positive comments about this wonderful coffee. Customers from Italy, France and the USA as well as my locals all saying what a lovely product this is. Many of my customers say its the nicest coffee they've had! It really is flying through my Gaggia coffee machine at a rate of knots even in these difficult economic times.
It's not just that though. The team at Pollards always go out of their way to help me when I'm running short. I am particularly useless at ordering on line and they always deliver. You are the best in every way. GREAT PRODUCT GREAT SERVICE. 👌 👏 Thank you 😊

Paul Smith
Another very drinkable coffee

This is another very drinkable coffee from Pollards. It must be said that I have never, in over 40 years, had 'bad' coffee from Pollards. I wish I could say the same about the supermarkets... I recommend trying the coffees until you find one you **really** like... and then some.

Mark Woodhouse
A carnival for your tastebuds

A wonderful blend that is perfectly balanced. Full bodied with a lovely flavour. I have this for my filter machine and everyone who has a mug says it’s the best coffee they have tasted. Maybe they are just being polite, but polite enough to ask where they can get some from. Can I have another coffee they ask. No, it’s Pollards website you need.

Janette Hutchinson

Not happy... I'm selling far too much of this wonderful product. Had to increase my order. 😃
Customers love this rich, smooth coffee that is bitter enough to give that great coffee hit but not too bitter.