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Rwandan coffee beans create a delicious and refreshing coffee, with exceptional aromas of chocolate, tobacco and aniseed.

The body is light, with a fruity and complex acidity comparable to that of its more prestigious Kenyan neighbours.

The beans have, in the past, been overlooked by many roasters and drinkers, but not here at Pollards, as we know they create a delicious any-time brew, with a light body and complex acidity.

Surprisingly, the production of Rwandan coffee only started in 1904, when German missionaries introduced it to the country. The good natural growing conditions, allied with high quality coffee cultivars, has resulted in Rwanda producing some excellent and yet underrated coffee beans.

The Rwandan beans also undergo a full wash, which helps to emphasise their fine acidity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Booth
Full Bodied Coffee

Full bodied coffee with a small bitter back end but full of lovely flavour

Frank Parnham
The Herald of Breakfast

Unlike Moon Blend which we found during lockdown, we have been buying Rwanda from Rachel for years. We have a cup first thing and whether it's fruit and granola or poached eggs, there's usually time for a second. This often has a profound effect on how good the morning is!
The rest of the day is decaf for me until dinner time (Moon Blend)

Frank P Worsbrough
The first cup of the day

As my title suggests, this is the breakfast coffee. We've tried others but this one is simply the one most to our liking for that first cup, usually before eating and on Saturday there will definitely be a second brew.