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Special Blend


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Origin - Central American & African

Roast - Light

Strength - Mild

Pollards in-house Special blend is one of our shop's bestsellers. The blend combines chocolatey African and well-balanced Central American beans to create a smooth, well-rounded cup of coffee.

A strong blend combining the fine acidity of Kenyan, with a sharp, strong mocha.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John W
Pollard's oldest blend

Pollard's Special Blend was introduced by John Pollard who sadly died in 1963 which puts the introductory date sometime between the late 1950's or early 1960's. Having said that, my all time favourite was Old Government Java which is almost impossible to source these days.

Derek Peters
So pleased you're still there

When I was a student in Sheffield five decades ago the staff in the Glossop Road shop introduced me to Special Blend, it quickly became my default drink and my love affair with the roasted bean began. I've tried to replicate the blend over the years with little success so when I found Pollards still trading I was more than delighted. East African coffees, including what many describe as the best of all single bean coffees, make for a drink that satisfies at any time of day, in any setting. Infuse it slowly, let the flavours develop and you will not be disappointed. If you want an espresso, use a high roast Italian!


Bought for my husband and he really likes it.

michael graham
Special 👍

Very smooth and tasty coffee,excellent for a mid morning brew.

Paul Smith

Nice Coffee, or at least: suits my personal taste particularly well.