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Origin - India, Indonesia, Africa & more

Roast - Medium/High

Strength - Strong

The Ti'Amo blend is one of Pollards most complex roasts, combining five different types of bean, including Monsoon Malabar, Sumatra Lintong Toba and Ethiopian Mocha.

The blend is roasted at a medium-high temperature, which creates tongue-tingling strong cup of coffee.  Who couldn't love it?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dr Jonathan Punt
Great flavours

A great blend of flavours to lift any part of the day, or night.

Ross Hopcroft
Ti’ Amo

Been buying beans and ground coffee from Pollards for probably the best part of ten years. Also attended one of their barista courses many years back. Having tried most of their blends I’ve been hooked on Ti’ Amo for quite some time now. It is an excellent strong, smooth coffee & full of flavour. Mornings would be a disaster without it. The only brew I have had difficulty with is Freedom Blend, ground for espresso by Pollards. My machine couldn’t process the grind quality as it was exceptionally finely ground. Too fine in fact. The service is second to none in terms of efficiency and timely delivery.

Nora Bonzagni



I love to try the blends with unusual names, just to see what they are like, and Ti'Amo didn't disappoint as it is absolutely delicious. They were the first beans ground in my new coffee bean grinder and were a fitting christening, as the resulting ground made an absolutely gorgeous coffee in my cafetiere. Definitely recommended and a blend I will buy again.

Paul Smith
Can't fault it!

I can't fault this coffee. It is not something that I would regularly drink, but I must give it five stars as it is, really, an excelent coffee. Someone out there will love it - give it a try.