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Toto Blend Coffee


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Origin - Africa

Roast - Medium/High

Strength - Medium

Pollards Toto blend is a medium strength blend combining flavours from two African nations, one in Central and the other to the East. This is a regular selection for many of our customers who enjoy it's well-rounded, chocolaty characteristics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David F.
Two more of our Pollards Favourites

We like Toto and Special Blend. We have a number of favourites and these two are exactly the type of coffee we like best. Not too strong, no bitter after taste with a nice enjoyable flavour. Special thanks to Mick who sorted a delivery issue out for us recently. Great service, thanks again Mick.

Paul Smith
Liked it!

Liked it! Will be adding this coffee to the ever-increasing list that I like to drink. However, recommendations are very personal, I very strongly suggest that you try it yourself.

Highly recommended

A dark blend that produces a deliciously rich, smooth drink. I have now added Toto Blend to my growing list of favourite coffees and will definitely buy it again.

Adem Ozyurt

one of my favourites! great flavour

John Helliwell

I think I'm in love. Someone at Pollard's is highly skilled at blending coffee. Would 100% buy again