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Mississippi Blend
Andrew Beckett
Smashing coffee

Always get my coffee from Pollards.
Always have italian roast but always get something else - never disappointed.
No exception this time

Espresso Selection
Toby Bulcock
Wonderful coffee as always

I love pollards have been going to the coffee shop and then the beans shop for years. Can’t get anymore so happy to get it delivered wonderful service and wonderful coffee

A good idea chance to try some new flavours

Good quality and range well chosen and delivered quickly

James Fiddes
Light full bodied tea with a fragrant quality.

I’ve had this tea before and it’s always highly satisfying. It’s got a light citrus, fruity and floral flavour which certainly excites the taste buds and stimulates the senses. It’s great tea to enjoy at any time from morning to evening.

Assam (Large Leaf)
James Fiddes
A rounded full bodied tea.

I’ve had this tea from Pollards before and always enjoy it. It’s got a rounded full bodied smooth flavour with the ability to revitalise the faculties part way through a working day. A very rewarding brew.

Special Blend
Judith Thompson
Excellent Coffee

We are really enjoying the Special Blend and will certainly be back for more


I just ordered this for my mum who was talking about pollards coffee and how lovely it was
So I have ordered her some she can’t wait

This coffee is perfect for my coffee machine.

Special Blend
James Fiddes
Lovely roasted coffee bean flavour

This coffee has a rounded, rich and smooth flavour of the coffee beans. It’s good to the taste buds and helps recharge the heart and mind and soul. Very enjoyable.

Deliciously familiar coffee

Had Pollards for years as my Mum went to school with the old Mr Pollard, she lived on Mitchel Street then near first shop too.
Blue Mountain was always our family favourite and now my daughter is buying it too.

Freedom Blend
Alan Wilkins
Great taste...

I'm a huge fan of the Old Brown Jave from Pollards, but it's always good to try others too. So the Freedom Blend made it onto my shopping list and I'm glad it did. A rich and powerful taste that hits the spot and a hint of nuttyness that lingers. It's now on my 'buy again' list...

Chun Mee
paul mercer
A nice green tea

Very nice green tea

Rich and full bodied

These beans gave a rich and full bodied coffee with notes of chocolate. It's also quite smooth drinking. Of the three types of beans I purchased, these are the ones I will buy again in a larger pack.


Great coffee

Great blend

A quite mild nutty taste that I found pleasant. Smooth and light in flavour. I used one shot into an Americano first, two shots make it stronger and a bit less smooth. I will try a cafetiere next.

Blue Lady Tea
Jason Tudor
Blue Lady Tea

Really enjoying this tea, and now mostly switched to this from various Earl Grey tea bags. It’s great first thing in the morning; refreshing, citrus and full flavour. I’ll definitely be buying more…

David Hughes

I have this on repeat prescription as my daily brew. Easy to work with, fantastic taste.

Mississippi Blend
Ross Hopcroft
You Can’t Buy Better Coffee!

Always excellent quality coffee combined with first class service.

Great Coffee

Always been a fan of Puccini, from a coffee shop. I am loving it at home now.

Two more of our Pollards Favourites

We like Toto and Special Blend. We have a number of favourites and these two are exactly the type of coffee we like best. Not too strong, no bitter after taste with a nice enjoyable flavour. Special thanks to Mick who sorted a delivery issue out for us recently. Great service, thanks again Mick.

Mississippi Blend
Sunil Mehta
Mississippi blend

This is my favourite blend and my go to. Quick and efficient service from Pollards too.

Jenny Atter
Delicious coffee

This coffee is very flavoursome and we'll be buying it regularly!

this coffee was really nice for late/cappuccino

Supreme Blend

this coffee was perfect for my coffee machine, made a perfect latte/cappuccino

Kenya AA
Peter Jackson
Great coffee

A really lovely coffee and very good value.