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Evening Blend Tea
James Fiddes
Full bodied flavoursome tea

I enjoy this tea when relaxing in late afternoon and evening. It’s got a smooth sophisticated pleasant flavour with a strong taste and helps to calm and restore peacefulness and tranquility to the soul and body. It’s quite soporific with finer tea leaves and doesn’t take too much or too long for a strong brew.

Oolong Iron Buddha
James Fiddes
Digestive tonic with a rich flavour

This is a lovely tea with a rich flavour that pleases the palate and acts to promote digestive health. It’s a true tonic for mild digestive discomfort. The tea leaves take a few minutes to brew and expand markedly when hot water is poured over them. It’s well worth it and makes for an exotic cuppa. My grandma drank this tea also so it’s always been a favourite.

Keemun China Tea
James Fiddes
Refreshing and revitalising

This tea is great for mornings and helps prepare me for the day ahead. It’s got such a refreshing smooth taste helping to revitalise and energise me. Great to heap the leaf tea on the spoon and brews quickly and easily. It definitely helps the digestion and a pleasure to the taste buds.

James Fiddes
Lovely flavour and colour

This tea has a lovely sweet, mellow and malty taste. It can be picked up and heaped on the spoon and put into the cup and have hot water poured over it very easily and quickly. It’s a rich flavour and colour and you don’t need many tea leaves to make a good brew. I’ve bought this and other teas from Pollards for many years. To be thoroughly recommended.

Chun Mee
Paul Mercer
A nice green tea

This is a nice green to however it was a little more bitter than I expected.

Moon Blend
Paul Mercer
Very nice coffee

I bought this coffee to drink in the mornings. Its a nice strong flavour but mellow at the same time.

Paul Smith

Yet another very drinkable coffee from Pollards. But - as coffee is very personal, then it is best you try it for yourself.

great coffee

these Brazillian beans were just perfect. I make a latte with cafetierre. Just perfect.

Brian Hitchcock
Welcome Back

I'd forgotten how lovely this coffee is. I love its depth without bitterness, hint of chocolate, it will be my go to espresso from now on

Kenya AA
just what I wanted - perfect coffee

I love trying different coffees - this just hits the spot so nicely.

Special Assam
Brian Hitchcock

I've returned to Pollards after years of buying elsewhere. Very happy to have done so. The Assam leaf tea is wonderful and I so regret the years when I wasn't buying Puccini blend coffee

Old Brown Java
Alan Wilkins
Great service, special coffee...

I love the depth and strength of Old Brown Java and I can drink it almost anytime. But after a beef dinner and bit of blue Stilton, the hint of spiciness is perfect - especially with a glass of port waiting in the wings...

Mellow and relaxing...

When the mood takes me, there is nothing quite like a pot of Blue Mountain. I often sit in my back garden with my eyes closed, listening to the birdsong and letting the smooth, mellow taste (with just the faintest hint of toffee) wash over me....

Great Coffee And Service

My brother absolutely loves your coffees, it’s his go to present by far !!!

Valerie Holmes

Great tasting coffee

Italian Roast
Fran Postlethwaite
Lovely strong flavour

A great blend - the first time I’ve tried this and it’s a winner! Strong but very smooth.

Valerie Holmes

Top rate coffe

Great product, brilliant service

A good quality product! Fast & professional service when ordering on line & a friendly welcome from the very hardworking Rachel in the shop!

Italian Roast
Maria Price
Consistent Great Tasting Coffee

Have been buying Italian Roast beans for many years. Great robust flavour. Always freshly roasted within a few days of being dispatched. Whenever I’m away, other coffee always fail to live up to its standard.

Great coffee beans. Good value for money

One of my favourites

up there with 627. Delicious!

Good quality coffee

Good quality coffee but this one didnt hit the mark for me - I like it a bit stronger! An excellent bean all the same if you dont like super strong coffee!


This coffee was very nice indeed in fact it was the first one I picked out from the extensive choice. yummy!

Italian Roast
Curtis Leach
Always great tasting coffee

Lovely coffee reasonably priced and fast service


Tastes really good. Agree it's fruity; plums, apricots. Seems to work best with hotter water than for green, close to boiling. Can get multiple steeps. Very nice tea at a good price.