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French Roast
Dr Geoffrey Caron-Lormier
Tasty coffee, but somewhat light

Definite improvement on Puccini, this French Roast is surprisingly light for a French roast [they tend to be darker].

Still, it is enjoyable in any concentration, although I prefer mine on the stronger end in a espresso machine or very short cafetiere.

might buy this one again.

Kandy Tea
Gary Kanes
Very refreshing tea

Pollard's Kandy tea is a nice large leaf tea with a distinctive fresh flavour which is very refreshing. I drink it at all times of the day and I also enjoy it after a second steeping. Highly recommended.

Insipid & disappointing

Despite the five-star reviews on this website, i found this blend very disappointing. It lacks depth and interesting flavours.

I tried it at various concentrations but no luck. Maybe that particular batch was off... won't be buying again because at this price, might as well stick to Waitrose blends...

Yum yum. my favourite coffee.

Freedom Blend
David Miller
Trying a different blend.

It's always interesting to try a different blend to see if it suits. The freedom Blend was tasted to compare it to one of our favourites, Ti'Amo. Freedom is a very pleasant and smooth to the palate. We really enjoyed this one and will buy it again.

Monsoon Malabar
Sarah Walker
The best coffee!

Everyone that comes to our house always raves about how nice the coffee is and that it’s the best they have ever drunk. We always tell them it’s because of the beans we use, absolutely the best and wouldn’t go anywhere else and the Monsoon Malabar beans are our favourite.

Excellent Coffee as Normal

Excellent Service as Normal

My new favourite!

What a wonderful coffee!
I mostly ordered Ethiopian Mocha, but since trying Burundi I have been converted.
It is a stronger brew than the Mocha but not any trace of bitterness, Mick and team have got the roast just right.
Freshly ground, it has a wonderful deep and rich taste.
I am ordering another Kg!!

A realy drinkable coffee

This is another really drinkable coffee from the Pollards roastery. Coffee is personal so try it yourself - I tried it and was not disappointed. (I too first bought coffee from the shop in the centre of Sheffield, in my case 40 years ago... - I eventually found my way back via the website)

Blue Mountain

This is my go to default coffee, smoothe and subtle flavour. The one I always asked for when I was in the USA.
I keep trying others, looking for something a little stronger, but I always have a packet of this on standby in the cupboard.
Also I would like to say your service is excellent. Following a slight mix up with the post man, now sorted, your communication and customer service would be a good example for others to follow!

Toto Blend Coffee
Paul Smith
Liked it!

Liked it! Will be adding this coffee to the ever-increasing list that I like to drink. However, recommendations are very personal, I very strongly suggest that you try it yourself.

Very Special Bean

You have to try this coffee if you wanna say that you’ve tasted something very unique coffee…

Mountain water decaffeinated coffee

Prompt service, delicious coffee.

William McMorran
Senchational Darjeeling

Completely delish! Smooth, no bitterness, better than champagne. Lovely by itself or.... make mix : large pinch sencha + small pinch assam + a little lapsang to taste. Yum!

David F.
Regency is a lovely brew

We have many favourites from Pollards selection of lovely coffee.
Regency is just one of them. We find it difficult to decide which blends to order. We’ve narrowed it down to taking four different ones each time we order and enjoy trying the different taste each one delivers. It’s hard to leave Regency off the list. Strong taste without being bitter. Lots of flavour.

A lovely treat, tastes special

Tasted this in a coffee shop, so pleased I found you.

Special Blend
Derek Peters
So pleased you're still there

When I was a student in Sheffield five decades ago the staff in the Glossop Road shop introduced me to Special Blend, it quickly became my default drink and my love affair with the roasted bean began. I've tried to replicate the blend over the years with little success so when I found Pollards still trading I was more than delighted. East African coffees, including what many describe as the best of all single bean coffees, make for a drink that satisfies at any time of day, in any setting. Infuse it slowly, let the flavours develop and you will not be disappointed. If you want an espresso, use a high roast Italian!

English Breakfast
Philip Wells
Pollards tea

I was astonished by the speed of delivery.
The English Breakfast is one of the tastiest teas that I have ever drunk.

Burundi Coffee
Simon Joinson

Added 250g of this to my order as a "taster" and have been unable to stop drinking it, I think it will be the main part of my next order. Used in a Mocha with a medium grind it produces a smooth yet strong flavour with an almost Chocolate aftertaste. Love it!

As usual, the service from Pollards was excellent.

Italian Roast
Mick Johnson
Great Coffee better than Supermarket

Just had my first cup of your coffee after a short break and what a wonderful full flavour experience over that of the supermarket whole bean blend I had been drinking

Italian Roast
Jyotin Singh
Italian Roast

Been a customer with these guys for the past 3 years now.

Walked in one day, seeking a strong coffee and was recommended the Italian roast.
Blew my mind from the first sip!

Love the coffee and wife loves the selection of teas they have.
Staff is extremely friendly.

I was worried that I will not be able to find beans like theirs once I left Sheffield, but to my surprise they deliver across the nation!

Thanks for making every morning a happy one with your awesome roast! Highly recommend to all.

Lapsang Souchong
Keith Haslam
Favourite variety

A long time favourite of mine, I am glad to find it available online from Pollards which I have used many times inn the past when I lived in Sheffield, but it is difficult to get in Scotland.

David Webb
Super coffee

Lovely tasting strong coffee. Delivered every month so I never run out 😁☕️.
Highly recommended

Rio Blend
Adrian Farmer
Great Coffee from a great company

Rio is my favourite from a host of great coffees offered by Pollards. Rich and smooth as a double expresso, equally as good in a latta, the flavour really comes through.

Pollards also recently replaced my order free of charge when I made a mistake and ordered ground instead of beans. Thank you!

Small leaf Assam and Kenya mixed has become my go to tea for breakfast and anytime with milk. Excellent Pollards teas